Mikkel Kragh Photography | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I order photos?

A: Simple. Create a profile on the website, then add photos to your trolley and check-out. Basically works just like any other online shop.


Q: Can I order prints?

A: Yes, the online shop have options for prints. Note that the prints ship from America so there will be postage added.


Q: The photos I selected disappeared from my cart when I navigated to a different page, why?

A: This is most likely because you navigated from one gallery to another using your browser's 'back' button. When navigating after placing photos in the cart only use the buttons on the website. 


Q: What do the photos cost?

A: $14 for 1MP web photo, $20 for a 3MP standard photo, and $36 for High res photos, these are the digital copies. For prints there are a lot of options and the final price depends on size and finish. 


Q: Which quality should I order?

A: If you are only going to use a few to share on social media then the 1MP web version will be sufficient. If you are going to take the photos to a local print service I recommend getting High Res version. Finally, the 3MP medium are a good quality for creating galleries for personal viewing, smaller prints, as well and for sharing. If you are not certain the medium quality is a safe choice.


Q: Can I buy the whole gallery?

A: Yes, there is the option to add the whole gallery, worth it if you are buying more than 7 photos


Q: What is the copyright / license status of the photos?

A: As per Australian copyright rules the copyright on the photos belongs to the photographer.

Photos purchased will be licensed for personal use only, this includes sharing the photo with friends or family, posting on a personal website, sharing via social media, or to advertise a sale as a private individual. Should you use photos on a blog or website, credits and a link to my website would be much appreciated.

Should you wish to use photos in any kind of publication, print or electronic, or as part of a business a commercial license of the photos is required. Please contact me for more details.